Every image you download from comes with a license.
The license specifies the use of this photo.
Here are the two types of paid licenses that offers:

Regular License:
The license applies to photos purchased and downloaded individually, as well as by subscription.
Here are some examples of how Regular License photos can be used:
1. Use in social media and on video sharing services
2. Web and app advertising
3. Personal, non-commercial use (not for resale, download, distribution, or any commercial use )
4. E-publications and email marketing
5. Personal websites
6. Blogs
Simply NOT for-profit/money-making activity

Extended Licence
How Extended License photos can be used:
1. Using photos in product packaging or templates
2. Displaying photos on billboards, shop windows, trade fairs, etc.
3. Using photos on merchandise intended for resale ( catalogs, mugs, T-Shirt, etc )
4. All purpose included in Regular License

NOTE: Images with company logos may only be used under the terms of a regular license